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Construct-A-Lead is an online database that connects users to large-scale commercial construction projects.

Construct-A-Lead helps you find more qualified leads, fast, so you have more time to close more deals.

All Construct-A-Lead construction project data is personally verified by our in-house research team. We never use web crawlers or bots. The Construct-A-Lead research team spends hours every day personally verifying the data so you have the most up-to-date and relevant construction information.

We deliver the research on construction projects months before they are bid out and before our competitors, including the hard-to-find private projects, and public projects such as schools, universities and hospitals.


Project Data:

Project Data

Construct-A-Lead brings you the most up-to-date construction project data in a simple, easy-to-read format, including:

Key-contacts, email addresses, phone numbers, project narrative, location & mapping, project updates, bid dates, scheduling and total construction cost.

Construct-A-Lead Project Features:

  • Track your projects online – simply and easily, then save the search you created.
  • One touch download into excel.
  • Prioritize your projects or searches & put private, personalized notes on your projects.
  • Easy to use, printable reports.
  • Email a project lead to a customer or colleague.
  • Receive personalized alerts – let Construct-A-Lead give you updates on your terms!


Construct-A-Lead Quick & Easy Advanced Project Search


Find project information easily with Construct-A-Lead’s advanced search to find your next project. Search by:

  • Public or Private
  • Bid Stage
  • Bid Date
  • Location
  • Project type
  • Company Name
  • Dollar value
  • Date Entered
  • Unique Project ID


Data can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet.

Excel Spreadsheet Example

  • Construct-A Lead’s excel downloads are a one-touch process
  • Upload into your CRM system quickly & easily
  • Project information is consolidated on a single row for easier import/sorting



Subscription Features

A Construct-A Lead subscription includes great benefits:

  • Corporate training
  • Multiple account logins per subscription
  • Customize each login by state or by vertical market
  • New and updated projects in your email inbox every Monday morning
  • Access to our custom data transfer API
  • Access to the Construct-A-Lead Directory
field of construction workers

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