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Construct-A-Lead is an affordable and simple database that will grow your business by connecting you to commercial & industrial leads and projects available for bid.



Construct-A-Lead makes it simple for you to find the exact lead, quickly. Our Advanced Search feature pinpoints leads by project type, location, bid stage, dollar value, company, or keyword. Find the perfect leads to grow your business and succeed.


Construct-A-Lead makes it simple for you to contact project decision makers. Our projects will always have at least one decision maker with a telephone number and or email address to call. We offer email addresses on over 95% of our contacts, allowing you to communicate directly and seamlessly.


Manage your projects with Construct-A-Lead’s integrated tools. Track projects status, add notes, email a project to a colleague, contact the decision maker and download your leads with our one-touch feature. Receive regular alerts on new and updated projects to keep you in the know.


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Detailed Reports

Reports include information on all large scale commercial buildings, key contacts, scheduling, a project narrative, total construction cost, location, and updates.

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Personal Notations

You have the ability to add personalized notes to your projects, track sales efforts, project status and access to key contacts.

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One-touch Download into Excel

Our single-row Excel downloadable file provides easy sorting for all your project leads. Upload leads into your CRM system quickly and easily.

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Integrated Marketing Tools

Our integrated marketing tools allow you to track project status, email a project to a colleague and insert personalized notes.

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Project Alerts

You can customize how you want us to notify you, whether it’s weekly alerts, real time updates of new and updated projects, or when new contacts are entered into our database.


Construction Leads For Every Project Type

From Hotels to Universities, we collect and organize construction leads for every major project type available. Plus, with our customized project alerts you can receive email notifications for specific project types you are looking to bid on.

Hotels/Motels/Resorts • Green Buildings • Religious Facilities • Athletic Facilities

Hospitals/Clinics • Residential - Multi Family • Casinos • Libraries

Residential - Single Family • Conventions/Arenas • Manufacturing/Industrial/Warehouse

Restaurants • Cultural/Social • Movie Theaters • Retail • Data Centers

Office Buildings • Schools (K-12) • Demolition • Parking Structures

Transportation Centers • Government Buildings • Prisons/Jails/Detention

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Search Our Platform. Anyway You Like.

Our detailed list of search categories makes the most of your time and your budget. Target your construction lead search to find projects that align most closely with your capacity and business goals.

Location Project type Company Name Dollar value Bid Date Date Entered Unique Project ID

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